I would describe myself as a pluralistic therapist, which means that I draw on a range of approaches to meet the needs of my clients. I don’t believe that ‘one size fits all’. People respond to different approaches in different ways. My training allows me to work with my clients to find the best combination of techniques to help them achieve their goals.

Contemporary Psychotherapy

Contemporary Psychotherapy was developed by Pamela Gawler-Wright at the BeeLeaf Institute, in the early 1990’s. It is a solution focused approach that utilises aspects of all the main models of psychotherapy, based on an integrated foundation of traditional wisdom and latest discoveries.

The practices and principles Neuro-Linguistic Programming, (NLP), provide the main tools and techniques of Contemporary Psychotherapy. NLP was created in the 1970’s with the aim of distilling and recreating the mastery of leading therapists of the time. This resulted in a range of techniques that facilitate change in thought processes, behaviours and beliefs and lead to the fulfillment of potential.

For more information on Contemporary Psychotherapy visit BeeLeaf.

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy: CBT 

CBT is a combination of cognitive therapy, designed to change people's thoughts, beliefs and expectations, and behaviourism, developed to change how people act. It is a present time, short term, problem oriented approach, based on the rationale that the way people feel and behave is determined by how they perceive and structure their experience. CBT formualted the gold standard for the treatment of OCD and is theapproach that provides the foundation for my work with clients suffering with this condition.

For more information on OCD please visit OCD-UK.

Sex and Relationship Therapy

If your problem is of a sexual or intimate relationship nature it really is essential that you seek the help of a qualified sex therapist. In the UK this is often called Psychosexual Psychotherapy. Training in this field provides expertise in the treatment of sexual dysfunctions that is simply not covered in basic psychotherapy or counselling training. The national organisation that represents psychosexual psychotherapy in the UK is the College of Sex and Relationship Therapists, (COSRT), of which I am an Accredited member.

Visit COSRT for more information on issues of a sexual or relationship nature.

Emotional Freedom Techniques

 EFTDeveloped by Gary Craig in the 1990's EFT, is a non-invasive Meridian Energy therapy. It is a simple, gentle technique that can be used both with a trained practitioner and, once you have learnt the basic process, by yourself for yourself. Essentially, it is a psychological form of acupuncture, with, thankfully, no needles required. It is often referred to as ‘tapping therapy’ as it involves tapping on a number of meridian points whilst repeating statements given by the practitioner. It can yield great results on a wide range of issues. EFT is used in many NHS psychological services and is building and a strong research evidence base.

For more information visit Gary Craig and the Association for the Advancement of Meridian Energy Techniques.
Specialist Areas
  •   Anxiety
  •   OCD
  •   Couples Therapy
  •   Sexual Addiction
  •   Sexual Dysfunctions
  •   Unusual Sexual Practices
  •   EFT and NLP
Individuals charged at £60 and Couples at £75 based on a professional sixty minute session.
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